4pcs Diamond Velvet Bedding Sets W/ Duvet Cover Flat Sheet Pillowcases

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This product is Diamond Velvet 4pcs Bedding Sets W/ Duvet Cover Flat Sheet Pillowcases. It used for 1.5-1.8m beds.

* Name: diamond velvet 4pcs bedding sets
* Duvet cover: 200x230cm*1
* Flat sheet: 220x230cm*1
* Pillowcases: 48x74cm*2
* Weight: 1.5kg

Product maintenance:
* Bedding cleaning frequency can be determined according to their personal health habits.
* Experts suggest that, prior to initial use, the first water rinse once, can be the surface of the pulp quality and printing and dyeing loose color wash, this use will be relatively soft, the cleaning is not easy to fade.
* Washing should pay attention to:
* Wait for the detergent to fully dissolved in water and then into the bedding should not use detergent with bleach role as tolerance to lead to the removal of the product color faded, and should not be soaked in water for a long time, not long exposure in the sun!
* Do collection in damp, poorly ventilated or direct sunlight, place in order to avoid plaque and fading.
* Collection to avoid the desiccant, cosmetics, perfume and other chemical agents, direct contamination in the above.
* If you accidentally stains should be cleaned, or easily cause the fabric to turn yellow / black.
* Collection bedding folded flat well placed in the drawer, can also hang in a smooth coat hanger.
* Should be read carefully before cleaning the washing instructions, and decorative accessories of the product before washing, be sure to pay attention to the lace, pendant and other first removed to avoid damage.

* 1 x diamond velvet 4pcs bedding sets

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