In-ear Design Wireless Bluetooth Headset Earphone-Blue

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After your eyewear has been paired with mobile successfully, you can use your headphone to dial or answer a call.  Adjust headset to a proper volume. Loud volum may damage your ears. Moreover, in-ear design for your maximum comfort.

* Name of item:Wireless headset
* Color:Blue
* Bluetooth headphone is programmed with a special battery saving feature
* Adjust headset to a proper volume since loud volum may damage your ears

* Be safe and convenient to receive or answer a call during driving
* Earphone with ring form surrounded on your ear
* USB plug for charging
* In-ear design and comfortable ear cap
* Weight:0.092kg

Note:Adjust headset to a proper volume. Loud volum maydamage your ears. 

Package include:
1* Earphone
1* User manual
1* USB cable

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